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Dorian Origin

Dorian Origin is a naming protocol to simplify the conceptualization of chord, scale and modal relationships.

The differences between Dorian Origin and the standard naming protocol are very simple and easy to adapt to. But, as minor as the differences are, they go a long way to making scales and modes easier to understand, especially when dealing with some of the more exotic scales.

The only significant differences are:

  • All scales are based and named in their Dorian mode.

  • The Name "Base" is used to refer to the Major scale in its Dorian mode.

  • The Name "Darmonic" is used to refer to the Harmonic minor scale in its Dorian mode.

The documentation included with both Harmatrix and ScaleBlazer, contains an in depth explanation of Dorian Origin as well as a crash course in music theory. Using Dorian Origin is simple; it makes scales and modes much easier to understand and work with. Both Harmatrix and ScaleBlazer have conversion functions that make transition a breeze.


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