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Scout can instantly display all chords in a selected scale, categorized by size and dissonance. It contains every possible three - six note chord. There are 255 chord types x 12 roots for a total of 3060 chords. Alternate chord/scale names are available with a click.

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Harmatrix's Chord/Scale Calculator

Scout can also display all the scales that contain a selected chord. There are 62 scale types x 12 for a total of 744 scales. All your commonly used scales plus tons of jazz and exotic types are covered. All scales are given in Dorian Origin.

Scout can analyze incoming MIDI notes and identify chords and scales in any inversion and any size voicing (chord and scale tones can be repeated in different octaves). It will tell you if a chord is in the selected scale. You can add chords together to test progressions for scale matches.

Use the "chords in scale" function to quickly build diatonic progressions. Use the "chords in scale" and "scales with chord" functions simultaneously to create intricate modulations. You can even select a chord from a scale, then get a list of all the scales that differ from the original by your choice of one - four notes. This gives you precise control over modulation intensity, great for weaving ambient pads and subtle jazz changes.

With these simple techniques you can thread your way gracefully through a labyrinth of chord and scale changes, and do so easily, while maintaining your creative flow. Flow is what it's all about.

Audition your chord and scale choices. With one click you can play the selected chord, scale or both simultaneously. Two independent players allow you to set the note spacing, velocity, direction, octave and MIDI routing separately for chords and scales. There's even a random function that generates a new pattern every time you click, and you can freeze patterns you like. This provides a quick easy way to see what a scale will sound like over a certain chord or vice versa. You can also audition your choices using your sequences through Ranger (more on that later).

Two additional players are provided, allowing you to send chord/scale data to your sequencer or aux. sound sources.

You can input/select scales and chords three ways: via MIDI, select from menus, or on virtual keys.

An aux. MIDI input monitors chords and intervals, regardless of the scale/chord block settings, giving input info without interrupting your main calculations.

The virtual keys display chord and scale notes and allow you to enter note data, even without a MIDI controller.

A log is provided to save any of your chord/scale choices for instant recall. Logs can be saved to disk.

There are 10 preset slots to save your settings. Preset banks can also be saved to disk for unlimited storage.

Just imagine trying to keep over 10,000 chord and scale combinations in your head. Scout makes them available with a mouse click and will guide you swiftly to the perfect choices for your composition.

To really get into how Scout works, get Harmatrix Manual. It is a free download. Please choose a download format ... PDF(900K) or SIT(800K) or ZIP(800K)

Harmatrix complete with Ranger and Scout is $39.95 (download).

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